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Niagara Fall, NY sits across the Niagara River from its Canadian counterpart, both deriving their names from the famed waterfalls. Niagara Falls was incorporated in 1892, with the bill being signed into law on St. Patrick's Day. The city grew as an industrial area in the 19th century, with hydroelectric power generated by the Niagara River. The city's industrial past resulted in the Love Canal environmental disaster, when the discovery of 21,000 tons of toxic waste was discovered buried beneath the neighborhood. The discovery led to the eventual passage of the U.S. "Superfund" environmental law.
Today Niagara Falls has become involved in multiple preservation and restoration programs, with tourism playing a major part in the local economy. Attractions in Niagara Falls include the Cave of the Winds (a walkway to the bottom of the American Falls), the Seneca-Niagara Casino, and the Niagara Falls State Park.
There are also a large amount of experienced and accomplished Niagara Falls lawyers throughout the community. Lawyers in Niagara Falls can help you with business, immigration, real estate transaction, criminal defense, and a number of other legal issues.
Lawyers in Niagara Falls, NY are embroiled in a lawsuit over a lease awarded to the Maid of the Mist boating company. The lawsuit alleges that the Niagara Parks Commission approved a 20-year extension to the lease of Maid of the Mist without disclosing prior bid attempts by other boat service operators. The lawsuit also claims that in the 162 years since the boat rides began, only Maid of the Mist has been granted lease rights to the improper exclusion of other competitors; Maid of the Mist stands to profit to the tune of half a billion dollars over the 20 year period.
Niagara Falls is part of the larger New York State Unified Court System. Niagara Falls lawyers typically argue cases in the Niagara Falls City Court, the Niagara County Supreme Court, or the NY Court of Appeals. Depending on your type of case, you may need to file suit at any of these courts; you may find it helpful to consult with a Niagara Falls attorney to help you navigate the New York court system.
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