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Located within Hartford County, Newington is a small 13 square-mile town with a population of just over 29,000 residents. Though the town is often overlooked by tourists heading toward Hartford, Newington’s neighbor and Connecticut’s state capital, Newington is nonetheless a beautiful forested city characterized by its natural greenery and lakes. Newington is perhaps best known for Mill Pond Falls, the United States’ smallest waterfall, as well as its expansive golf course, the Indian Hill Country Club. The town has based many of its local celebrations around its famous waterfall including its most popular festival to date, the Newington Waterfall Festival.

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There are many qualified Newington lawyers in the area to help you with your legal needs. Due to the town’s small size, most Newington attorneys must become familiar with many areas of law in order to stay competitive. These are just a few areas of law that Newington lawyers practice in: family law, environmental, bankruptcy, intellectual property, probate, real estate, immigration, divorce, personal injury, and many more.
A Newington resident was recently fired from her job as a claims adjuster because she was pregnant and took an extended leave of absence. She contracted with a Newington attorney who filed a lawsuit on her behalf alleging that she was terminated in violation of the Family and Medical Leave Act. The Newington lawyer prevailed and successfully secured a $120,000 settlement for his client.
Newington is part of the Connecticut Court system. Residents seeking to file a lawsuit would first bring their case before the Connecticut Superior Court. If their legal matter is regarding estate planning or wills and trusts, then their case must be brought before the Connecticut Probate Court. There are 13 superior courts within the Connecticut Court system and determining which one you are supposed to file in can be confusing without the aid of a Newington attorney. simplifies the process of searching for a pre-screened Newington lawyer for your specific legal issue. Whether you are attempting to incorporate your business, plan your estate, or resolve a custody dispute, can help you find an attorney catered to your needs. All you have to do is tell us the area of law you’re seeking representation in and a description of your legal issue, and we’ll take care of the rest. It’s fast and easy.
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