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New Rochelle was listed as the best place to raise children in the state of New York. As part of Westchester County, New Rochelle is home to Jay Leno, Matt Dillon, Joe Torre, and a number of prominent Bronx lawyers and White Plains lawyers, as well as the former home of Thomas Paine, William Randolph Hearst, and Lou Gehrig.
Many talented lawyers also call New Rochelle home. Lawyers in New Rochelle are familiar with local courts and take all kinds of cases; some examples are: immigration visas, wrongful termination, personal injury, divorce, and estate administration.
New Rochelle police officer Sergeant David Rodriguez is being sued by a local family for allegedly attacking a local pregnant teen. Reports say that Rodriguez had the girl’s boyfriend arrested for making threatening statements and later returned. The girl said Rodriguez was first flirtatious but soon turned aggressive and she feared for her unborn child. Rodriguez has resigned from the New Rochelle Police Department and pled no contest to misdemeanor official misconduct.
If you are looking to get divorced in New Rochelle, you will visit the 9th Judicial District Court in New Rochelle and file with the Family Court. Felony and misdemeanor hearings are held by either the Westchester Supreme or County Court level. Civil lawsuits are heard by the Civil Division of the Westchester County Court; traffic tickets and ordinance violations can be handled by the New Rochelle City Court.
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