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The third largest municipality in the state, New Haven, CT is home to 124,000 inhabitants. Founded in 1638, the city is the site of the "Nine-square Plan" a series of eight streets laid out in a grid-like pattern, registered as a National Historic Planning landmark, and the National Historic Landmark New Haven green, a 16-acre town square located in its downtown. New Haven is also home to Yale University, which along with health care, professional and financial services, and retail trade form the basis of the city’s industry.

New Haven CT Lawyers

This prestigious New England community is also home to numerous accomplished New Haven lawyers. New Haven lawyers are experienced in legal matters involving business, family, crime, real estate, intellectual property, immigration, and medical malpractice, as well as others.
Attorneys in New Haven were recently involved on both sides of a lawsuit against a local police officer. The lawsuits accuse the officer of police brutality and illegal strip searching. Local residents claim the officer has a history of using excessive force; the defense argues that the officer often works in tough, violent New Haven neighborhoods but complaints against the officer are within the bounds of normal for the department. The lawsuit is ongoing.
New Haven lawyers operate under the Connecticut court system. Attorneys in New Haven may argue a case in the New Haven Probate Court, New Haven Superior Court, the Connecticut Appellate Court, or the Connecticut Supreme Court. A local New Haven attorney can help to determine where your case should be filed as well as any special rules of the court. can help you to find an experienced New Haven lawyer who has been rigorously pre-screened. Our Web site contains tips on selecting the right attorney and general information on various legal topics of interest. LegalMatch also allows you to locate and review the experience, availability, and price of pre-screened attorneys before deciding whom to contact. Let LegalMatch find you the right advocate.
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