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Natick has been home to many notables including Harriet Beecher Stowe and much more recently, the 50th Heisman Trophy winner Doug Flutie. As a Boston suburb in Middlesex County, Natick hosts many company headquarters including BJ’s Wholesale, Cognex Corporation, and Boston Scientific but also offers some of the Boston area’s best shopping at the Natick Mall.
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Since Natick plays host so many corporations, you shouldn’t be surprised to find out that it is also home to many reputable lawyers. Lawyers in Natick are able to assist you with any legal issue that you may face but specialize in business disputes, child custody, and medical malpractice.
Recently, Natick based Boston Scientific filed a lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson over coiled artery opening stints. Boston Scientific claims that their patent on the medical stint, which they are best known for producing, has been violated by the rival Johnson & Johnson Company, which was recently forced to payout $22.4 million to another company for patent infringement on a stint cutting machine. Preliminary mediation in the case seems to point to an early settlement for the Natick company.
If you have a legal matter in Natick, you will probably end up in the Natick District Courthouse, which handles most probate, family, housing, and juvenile matters, among others. However, if you are filing for child support in Natick or dispute the legitimacy of your child, the Massachusetts Municipal Court has jurisdiction. To ensure you are filing with the correct court it’s best to hire a Natick lawyer who is familiar with all local court proceedings.
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