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The second largest city in New Hampshire, Nashua shares the colonial cultural heritage that so many other New England towns enjoy. Its fortunes have also followed those typical of the Northeastern states. During the industrial revolution, the town became a major center of textile production that rivaled Massachusetts’s famous Worcester mills. Today, the city is close to the neighboring greater Boston area, and shares that city’s development in the high tech and healthcare industries.
Nashua lawyers can assist you with any legal problem you may be facing. These include criminal law, bankruptcy, real estate, personal injury, divorce, probate, and many others.
A recent patent infringement lawsuit pitted Nashua lawyers against a large international copy machine company. As with the vast majority of most lawsuits, the lawsuit settled out of court. Unfortunately, part of that settlement meant a local Nashua company had to pay almost $16 million to the plaintiffs.
Experienced Nashua attorneys will be familiar with the local courts of Hillsborough County, including Superior Court North and Superior Court South. Familiarity with local rules and procedures is important. This can often be the difference between your case being heard or being thrown out of court.
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