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Muskegon is the seat of Muskegon County and home to 40,000 residents who comprise the largest city on the Eastern shores of Michigan. Muskegon is also home to some of the eastern shore’s most notable museums, parks, and festivals like the Michigan Irish Music Festival and the Muskegon Film Festival.
As the hub of commerce and culture on Michigan’s eastern shore, Muskegon is also home to some of the area’s most reputable lawyers. Lawyers in Muskegon advise on a wide variety of cases including chapter 7 bankruptcy, child custody, restraining orders, immigration, DUI, and wrongful termination cases.
Recently in Muskegon, Scottie Len Waller, who won the $625,000 police brutality case against the Muskegon Police Department years back, is in court again. Waller was arraigned on a felony charge of accessory to a crime but the case was dismissed by the Muskegon County judge after a vital witness for the prosecution failed to show up.
If you have a personal injury lawsuit in Muskegon then you will probably be visiting Muskegon’s 14th Judicial Circuit Court. Circuit courts are the highest trial level courts with which you may file in Michigan. Juvenile, tort, contract, mental health, administrative agency appeals, criminal, civil, and family cases are all heard at the circuit court level. If you’re looking to file bankruptcy then you’ll head to the U.S. District Court for Eastern Michigan.
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