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Learn More About Murray, UT

Murray may be a fairly small city of 34,000 but plays host to some of Salt Lake City’s top professionals. Murray’s central location made it a natural choice as the location of the Intermountain Medical Center that is one of the top facilities in the country. The Fashion Place Mall in Murray is a premier Salt Lake County shopping destination for locals and travelers alike.

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Since Murray is so popular among Salt Lake County professionals, it’s naturally a great place to find a lawyer who can handle your case in Murray. Lawyers in Murray are used to consulting their clients on lots of different kinds of cases including bankruptcy, divorce, slip and fall lawsuit, green card immigration, and criminal cases like DUI charges.

Recently in Murray, the State of Utah ran out of liquor licenses. Utah’s current liquor control policy is based on population which means that an increased population estimate or businesses canceling their licenses are the only ways to free up more licenses. The only current option is a license that allows the sale of beer that is 3.2% alcohol volume or below but restaurant and venue owners say that consumers will simply go elsewhere.

If you have an immigration issue to handle in Murray then you’re going to be paying a visit to the U.S. Immigration Court in Salt Lake City. For divorce, civil lawsuit, mental health, criminal, traffic, and real property cases are all handled by the Salt Lake County District Court that is just 7 miles North of Murray.

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