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In the United States, the “Mountain” region usually refers to the Rocky Mountains, which extend from northern Canada, through the western and Central U.S., into the American Southwest. The states generally counted as part of this region include parts of Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, and New Mexico.

Mountain Lawyers

In the Mountain region, like any region in the U.S., there are a large number of legal issues which are somewhat unique to the area. In particular, the burst of the real estate bubble has hit the owners of ski resorts in the region, which are often integral to local economies, providing jobs and tax revenue.
Recently, a group of landowners who own resorts in the Mountain region filed a lawsuit against a Swiss bank, alleging that its loans were designed to load up the debtors with dept, so the bank could then foreclose on the property. This mirrors some of the behavior on the part of other bankers that is alleged to have led to the housing crisis in the first place, which was a major factor in economic meltdown of late 2008.
There are many lawyers in the Mountain region who practice real estate law and who have experience dealing with creditors, as this case demonstrates. If you are facing a legal issue involving real estate or foreclosure, or any other legal issue, LegalMatch can help you find the right Mountains lawyer to meet your individual needs. You might also be interested in the Law Library, which might be able to answer your legal question outright.

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