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Known as “deserter’s point,” Mountain Green was once a well known fur trapper’s camp. In the mid 1800s three fur trapping companies got into a territorial dispute over Mountain Green. The American company succeeded in bribing more than half of the British company’s men over to their side, causing the British, led by Peter Ogden (namesake of the nearby city of Ogden) to flee.

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You can rest assured that your Mountain Green lawyer will not desert you if you have a case in Mountain Green. Attorneys in Mountain Green can assist you with any legal issue you may be facing, including real estate, criminal law, personal injury, bankruptcy, and many others.

Attorneys in Mountain Green are members of the Utah State Bar, and may also volunteer their time to help their community in addition to their paying legal work. For instance, the Utah Bar offers low cost or free legal services via the Utah Legal Services Program to indigent clients who cannot afford to hire an attorney. Mountain Green lawyers may also be active in other community projects in your area through their local bar association.

Attorneys in Mountain Green should be familiar with the Morgan County court system. If you have a case in Mountain Green, chances are it will end up here. Your attorney should be familiar with the procedural rules of this court, as well as the rules of Morgan County and the state of Utah.

Need help finding an attorney? LegalMatch can help. The State Bar of Utah and have teamed up to provide you free access to a database of local attorneys in Morgan County. LegalMatch attorneys are pre-screened bar certified attorneys who are matched to you based on your type of case. You can be sure of their credentials thanks to our rigorous screening process, and you can check for yourself with exclusive background information on every attorney available to you as a user.

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