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In 1847, the Battle of Rio San Gabriel took place in what is now the city of Montebello. This was one of the most decisive battles in the Mexican-American War and gave the United States the opportunity to win California. Today, Montebello offers many attractions, such as the Montebello Barnyard Zoo, and a reenactment of the famous battle every September.

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When you need legal advice there are many experienced Montebello lawyers who are available to assist you. These legal professionals are skilled in many areas of law including divorce, DUI, criminal defense, tax, bankruptcy, civil procedure, personal injury, automobile accidents, alimony, wills, real estate, and more.

The city of Montebello is close to settling a lawsuit with one of its councilwomen. The lawsuit was originally brought when the woman was booted out of a citizen’s patrol group for wrongful reasons. She filed the suit and when it came time for talks, the woman agreed that she was open for settling the case instead of bringing it to trial. The city of Montebello was in the middle of negotiations when the woman was elected to a seat on the city’s council. Now, the figure up for discussion is $130,000 which the woman has agreed to. She has recused herself from all meetings that involve the negotiations so that she does not create a conflict of interest.

If you have a case that you need to file that arose in Montebello, you will likely have to go to court in the Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles. This is the largest and busiest court system in the state of California, and it helps to have a local attorney who knows have to navigate through the twists and turns.

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