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Middlesex County, CT is located in the Connecticut River Valley and boasts a population of approximately 155,000 and ranks first in the state in terms of per capita income. This New England county was formed in 1785 and named for Middlesex, England. Middlesex County’s largest city is Middletown, home of Wesleyan University (founded 1831). Other area attractions include the historic Goodspeed Opera House (built in 1876), the General Mansfield House (built around 1810 and the current site of the Middlesex County Historical Society), and the Connecticut River Museum.

Middlesex County CT Lawyers

Numerous Middlesex County lawyers have chosen to work in this historic region. Middlesex County lawyers have the skills and background necessary to successfully handle business, employment, immigration, real estate, wills trust and estates, and any other legal matter that you may face.
Lawyers in Middlesex County recently litigated both sides of a dispute between a local family and the town of Westbrook. The lawsuit claims that town constables and the police dispatcher failed to properly and timely investigate a request by Elsie White, an elderly 68-year old resident, that she was in need of assistance. Ms. White had been walking in the rain during a storm, and was later found drowned on a local beach. The woman’s family was seeking recovery for her wrongful death; the lawsuit is ongoing.
Lawyers in Middlesex County are part of the Connecticut court system. Attorneys in Middlesex County may argue a case in the Middlesex Judicial District courts, the Connecticut Appellate Court, or the Connecticut Supreme Court. A local Middlesex County lawyer can help to determine where your case should be filed and can explain any special rules of the court.
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