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McMinnville acts as the seat of Yamhill County that was named by Oregon Trail settler William T. Newby for his hometown of McMinnville, Tennessee. McMinnville is a Willamette Valley city that also serves as a suburb of Portland. McMinnville is probably best known for the UFO photos and the Evergreen Aviation Museum.

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Some McMinnville locals are also bar certified lawyers who are familiar with local courts and procedures. Lawyers in McMinnville take a broad mix of cases including chapter 7 bankruptcy, child custody, personal injury, and criminal cases like felonies.

Recently in McMinnville, Jebidia Murphy was arrested by county sheriffs for reckless driving. The sheriff’s report stated that he was clocked at 100 mph in a 55 mph zone. Oregon Department of Transportation laws state that speeds should be reasonable and prudent taking into account weather, traffic, and other conditions. Murphy faces fines and suspension of his license.

If you have a case to file in McMinnville then you will be heading to the Yamhill County Circuit Court. Circuit Courts are solely responsible of tort, contract, real property, probate, civil, small claims, mental health, domestic relations, criminal including felony cases, and juvenile cases like the termination of parental rights. Circuit Courts are also responsible for hearing traffic and appeals cases from lower courts. The U.S. Immigration Court in Portland handles visa, citizenship and any other immigration cases.

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