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McLennan County was home to the Crash at Crush in 1896. Crush was a short lived town that was built to hold a publicity stunt that involved two steam locomotives crashing into each other. When the crash happened, the boilers exploded sending debris into the 40,000 spectators that had come to see, killing three of them. Today, McLennan County is home to many institutions of higher learning, most notably Baylor University.
There are many experienced McLennan County lawyers in the area that are skilled in areas of law such as personal injury, automobile accidents, DUI, divorce, alimony, wills, real estate, criminal defense, employment, business, contracts and more.
Two criminal cases in McLennan County were recently dismissed when a grand jury there was unable to find any criminal violations. In the first case, two security officers were alleged to have used unreasonable restraint methods against a suspect they thought was trying to break into the area they were hired to guard. In that case, the grand jury did not find any evidence of unreasonable methods being employed to stop the trespasser. In the other case, a McLennan County woman, her two kids and her friend were all killed when they were struck from behind by a SUV while they were walking along a dark road. The friend had been driving the woman and her kids home when he ran out of gas. All four were walking down the middle of the road when an SUV struck and killed them all. In that case, the McLennan County grand jury did not find any criminal violations worthy of an indictment.
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