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Learn More About McCandless

McCandless, Pennsylvania is a township of 30,000 Allegheny County residents. McCandless was settled in 1756 but not incorporated until 1851. McCandless has experienced a number of population booms followed by recessions. The most notable rise and fall in population happened in 1908 when the Harmony Line, a railroad the provided transportation to Pittsburgh, began service and oil was discovered but by 1931 the oil had been depleted and Harmony Line was dismantled as a result of the popularity of cars.

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Lawyers in McCandless are acquainted with local courts and regularly take many different kinds of cases like chapter 7 bankruptcy, personal injury, divorce, criminal cases like DUI, and immigration visa cases.

Recently in McCandless, the Allegheny County Sheriff’s Office arrested 67 fugitives in less than 2 days. The week of New Years is historically a slow week for serious criminal cases so the sheriff’s office went on an arrest spree taking in 53 people on criminal bench warrants, 13 for failing to appear or delinquent child support, and one arrested for violation of a restraining order.

If you have a lawsuit to file in McCandless then you will be heading to the 5th Judicial District of Pennsylvania Common Pleas Court. Pennsylvania Common Pleas Courts are take tort, real property, contract, probate, administrative agency appeals, civil, criminal, and domestic relations cases but exclusively handle juvenile cases. Pennsylvania has 2 U.S. Immigration Courts that can exclusively handle citizenship, visa, and other immigration cases.

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