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Learn More About Maricopa, AZ

Maricopa is a Pinal County city that is just outside of Phoenix. Maricopa is home to 45,000 residents and is the largest city in Pima County and 7th largest in Arizona. One unique attraction Maricopa has is the California Zephyr railcar at the Maricopa Amtrak Station. Maricopa is a diverse community that has experienced major booms in housing and population recently.

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Maricopa is home to lots of talented lawyers, such as several Tucson lawyers, who are familiar with local courts. Lawyers in Maricopa take a wide range of cases like bankruptcy, spousal support, immigration, civil lawsuit, and DUI cases.

Recently in Maricopa, Terrance Carrol and Debi Carrol were arrested on animal cruelty charges by the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department. Also included were neglect charges for the two. The Alta Vista Animal Hospital aided in the rescue. They could face jail time as well as expensive fines.

If you have a case to file in Maricopa then you will be heading to the Pima County Superior Court that has jurisdiction over all kinds of case. Arizona Superior Courts are responsible for hearing tort, contract, real property, civil, criminal, juvenile, and many other kinds of cases. Be sure to consult a lawyer to ensure you are following correct filing procedures.

LegalMatch is a free client-lawyer pairing service that guarantees your satisfaction. All LegalMatch Maricopa lawyers are bar certified and can handle your case. Check out the Law Library for more information on your case.

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