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Learn More About Mansfield, TX

Mansfield ranked 24th on the Money Magazine best places to live list. Mansfield extends into Ellis, Johnson, and Tarrant Counties which can make selecting which court to file with very confusing. There are 41,000 residents of Mansfield and many work in Fort Worth offices.

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There are still a handful of reputable lawyers who practice in Mansfield and are familiar with all local Texas Courts. Lawyers in Mansfield consult on an outstandingly diverse range of cases including bankruptcy, divorce, immigration visa, personal injury, and DUI cases.

Recently a Mansfield man, Terrance Loyd, was arrested by sheriffs on drug charges after construction workers watched him allegedly scampering around on his hands an knees, growling at people like a dog, and eating mud. Sheriffs confiscated a small bottle of PCP, half pound of marijuana, and ¼ ounce of crack cocaine from him. Officers were tipped off when a report came he was wandering around eating dog food and yelling at pedestrians.

If you have a lawsuit or divorce to file in Mansfield then you will be heading to a Tarrant County District Court. Texas District Courts have jurisdiction over domestic relations, criminal, tort, probate, civil, real property, and juvenile but exclusively handle administrative agency appeals.

LegalMatch will pair you with a Mansfield lawyer who knows the issues that surround your case. LegalMatch’s Mansfield lawyers are guaranteed bar certified. Check out the Law Library for a great legal quick reference.

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