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Lynchburg, Virginia is located near the geographic center of Virginia and is bordered by the eastern edge of the Blue Mountains. Lynchburg’s location along the Blue Mountains makes it well known for the hiking opportunities it offers residents and visitors. In addition to offering outdoor activities, Lynchburg prides itself on a strong tradition of providing its residents outstanding public education. Lynchburg is the home of one of the top school systems in Virginia as well as 5 universities and colleges.

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Lynchburg was founded on commerce and industry making Lynchburg lawyers ideal for cases involving business and commercial law. In addition, Lynchburg’s growing residential community makes Lynchburg lawyers able to handle your cases involving real estate and family law.

A number of Lynchburg attorneys have recently become involved in a number of cases currently being brought against the Virginia University of Lynchburg.  These cases involve a wide range of legal topics, including intentional torts and fraud.  The latest of these lawsuits is over unpaid rent that VUL allegedly owes to Victoria Holdings for off-campus housing that it maintains for students.  The Virginia University of Lynchburg has filed a counterclaim against Victoria Holdings for breach of contract and is seeking $100,000 in damages.

Lynchburg is located in the 24th Judicial Circuit of Virginia. The Virginia legal system is divided into General District Courts and Circuit Courts. Lawyers in Lynchburg try their cases either before the Lynchburg Circuit Court or Lynchburg General District Court. The Lynchburg General District court is of limited jurisdiction and hears civil cases involving controversies up to $15,000 and questions related to traffic infractions and misdemeanors. Lynchburg Circuit Court hears all civil and criminal cases in excess of $15,000. Also, the Lynchburg Circuit Court hears cases related to family matters. 

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