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The history of Long Beach runs the gamut from popular resort, to industrial port city to important Hollywood filming location. Home to almost half a million people, Long Beach’s streets and high schools are popular filming locations. It is also a major port city of America’s west coast and the location of some of California’s most lucrative oil wells.

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Long Beach lawyers can help you in a variety of capacities. These include: criminal law, immigration law, copyright law, real estate transactions law, personal injury law, and more. Long Beach attorneys also assist their community. The Long Beach Bar Association sponsors  Long Beach Court Counseling sessions, where attorneys offer free legal advice to the public on the first and third Tuesday of every month.

Long Beach attorneys practice in the South District of the Los Angeles County Superior Court. They are familiar with the specific local rules governing the Long Beach Superior Court. Hiring a Long Beach attorney that is familiar with local practice is important if you will be going to a courtroom in the Los Angeles County Superior Court system.

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