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Laramie is the county seat of Albany County and hosts a number of historic sites registered on the National Register. Some of Laramie’s historic sights include: Invinson Mansion and Grounds, Old Main on the University of Wyoming campus, John D. Conley House, Bath Ranch, and a number of other mansions such as the Cooper and Lehman-Tunnell Mansions.
Laramie is a great place to find a lawyer who is familiar with local Albany County and state court procedures. Lawyers in Laramie take all kinds of cases including, but are not limited to: immigration, personal injury, bankruptcy, divorce, and criminal cases like DWIs and felonies.
Second Judicial District Court Judge Randal Arp of Laramie has recently dismissed a civil defamation lawsuit initiated by Laramie Police Chief Robert Deutsch against Tim Hale. Deutsch accused Hale of libel slander, but Hon. Arp defended Hale’s right to free speech which includes criticizing public and government officials. Police Chief Deutsch does not plan to appeal.
If you want to file a lawsuit in Laramie, you will be visiting the Second Judicial District Court. This court covers most civil cases, domestic relations matters, criminal cases, probate, and mental health cases among others. Traffic infractions, real property cases that do not exceed $7,000, and small claims cases not exceeding $5,000 are most likely heard at the Circuit Court of the Second Judicial District.
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