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Lakewood, California, founded in 1954, is known as the “instant city” for its rapid development from a lima bean field in 1950 to a well developed town in 1960. Today, Lakewood has about 88,000 residents.   Lakewood is famous as the home of the first Denny’s Restaurant in 1953 and was named Sports Illustrated “Sportstown USA” in 2005. Lakewood is a largely residential and is a planned community. Its economic base is comprised of a strong commercial and retail industry.

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If you’re looking for an experienced real estate lawyer or for a business law lawyer, Lakewood lawyers are able to take your case. Other areas of law which Lakewood lawyers are qualified include family law, bankruptcy claims, and employment law. Lakewood lawyers that specialize in all areas of law can easily be found on LegalMatch.

Lakewood is a city located in Los Angeles County. Lakewood lawyers will likely try all their cases in Los Angeles Superior Court. Los Angeles Superior Court has divisions to hear cases that are civil or criminal in nature. The Los Angeles Superior Court also has jurisdiction over all juvenile, family and probate matters.

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