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Learn More About La Vergne, TN

La Vergne is a city in Rutherford County, Tennessee, with a population of about 19,000. It is part of the Nashville Metropolitan Area.

It was recently announced that the Whirlpool Corporation will pay a former employee of its now-defunct plant in La Vergne a settlement of over one million dollars to settle a lawsuit involving racial and sexual harassment. The former employee, an African American woman, claimed that fellow employees harassed her based on her race and sex, and that every level of management failed to respond.

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This shows the need for experienced employment discrimination attorneys in La Vergne, Tennessee.

Like most federal cases in the region, this case was heard in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Tennessee, which has its main courthouse in Nashville.

Criminal cases in La Vergne are likely to be handled by the Circuit Court of Rutherford County. Civil cases are most likely to be handled by Rutherford County’s Chancery Court.

As you can see, Tennessee’s legal system is slightly more complex than that of most other states – most states have a single trial court that has jurisdiction over most civil and criminal cases in the first instance. However, Tennessee, at least in part, preserves the law/equity distinction from English common law, so different types of cases are handled by different courts at the first instance.

Because of this complexity, it is a good idea to have an experienced La Vergne attorney who can navigate this legal system with ease, allowing him or her to spend more time focusing on the merits of your case.

LegalMatch can help you find that attorney. To get started, you simply need to present your case, and LegalMatch will connect you with an attorney in or around La Vergne who handles cases like yours, and has affirmatively expressed an interest in taking on new clients.

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