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Learn More About King County, WA

King County, Washington is the largest and most urbanized county in the state. Founded in the mid-1800’s, King County was at one time home to an independence movement during the prohibition era. King County loved its saloons—enough for part of the county to secede in order to allow its taverns to remain open.

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If you need the advice of legal counsel in King County, there are many qualified King County lawyers to choose from. These attorneys are skilled in many areas of law including DUI, criminal defense, civil rights, employment, business, divorce, estate planning, personal injury, and more.

Recently, Washington State Police designated King County as a “Target Enforcement Area,” in order to specifically locate zones in the county that have a high probability of vehicle collisions. These targeted areas are not only separated geographically, but also by time, with certain areas being more risky depending upon the time of day. By targeting these specific zones, the state police are hopeful they can dedicate more time for extra patrols in those areas with the ultimate goal of reducing serious injury and fatal collisions. is the premier way to find local pre-screened King County attorneys. We maintain a database of thousands of lawyers who are in good standing with the Washington state bar, and we can match you with an attorney that has the skills to litigate your situation effectively. Best of all, the service is entirely free for you to use!

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