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Kettering, Ohio was originally settled in 1798 and was then called Van Buren Township. In 1952, the town was re-named Kettering and was officially designated a city in 1955. Located in Montgomery County, Kettering has a population of 58,000. Many large companies rely on Kettering’s talented citizens to staff their operations. Military installations such as the Wright Air Force Base are major employers of Kettering residents.

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Kettering lawyers are well qualified to handle employment law cases, especially because of the presence of large companies which employ Kettering residents. Area lawyers are also well experienced in bankruptcy, family, and criminal law, among others.

Kettering lawyers present most cases in either Kettering Municipal Court or in one of the Courts of Common Pleas of Montgomery County. Kettering Municipal Court hears civil cases that have up to $15,000 in controversy; the court also hears small claims up to $300. Kettering Municipal Court also hears misdemeanor claims, arraignments, and traffic violation cases. All other claims are heard in one of the Courts of Common Pleas of Montgomery County; these courts are: Civil, Criminal, and Domestic Relations.

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