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Kearns is a township and census-designated place in Salt Lake County, Utah. It currently has an estimated population of around 33,000.

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Kearns can trace its roots to 1942, when the U.S. Army Air Force (now the U.S. Air Force) established a training facility in the area. The base has since closed, and the remains of the facility are now part of the South Valley Regional Airport, which serves as the primary general aviation (as opposed to commercial and military aviation) airport in the region, and it is where many smaller planes are offloaded from nearby Salt Lake City International Airport.

Kearns is also home to the ice rink which served as the speed skating venue during the 2002 Winter Olympics. Because of its high altitude (meaning thin air, and less air resistance) and unique design, many world records were set on that rink, and it is still considered one of the fastest ice surfaces in the world.

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