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As the largest city in Missouri, Kansas City is home to a large and active legal profession. Since before the Civil War, Kansas City, MO has been a major business center for the region. Several Fortune 1000 companies have their headquarters in Kansas City. Because of this, Kansas City lawyers are kept quite busy, and they occasionally have to refer cases to St. Louis lawyers.

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H&R Block has its headquarters in Kansas City, MO. It is currently involved in a lawsuit over sales of securities. There are many Kansas City lawyers who specialize in securities law, and if you have a case involving securities, a Kansas City, MO lawyer will be able to help.

If your legal issue does not yet require the services of a Kansas City, MO lawyer, the LegalMatch Law Library is an excellent source of free legal information. With over 3,300 articles on many different legal topics, so you can probably find the answer to your legal questions there.

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