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Kaneohe is the largest city along the Kaneohe Bay on Hawaii's Oahu. Its name means "bamboo man," so called due to a folktale of a local woman who compared her husband's cruelty to the edge of a bamboo stick.  Kaneohe was traditionally an agricultural settlement due to its prodigious rainfall, but like many other areas on Oahu it is now primarily geared towards residential development, shopping, and tourism.

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Attorneys in Kaneohe have been dealing with litigation surrounding a local mental hospital for years. The federal government entered a consent decree against the hospital, which meant the federal government was actively supervising the hospital to ensure there were no civil rights abuses against mentally ill patients in the community. The consent decree was recently lifted, bringing the hospital out from under the close scrutiny of federal judges.
Kaneohe attorneys will know how to navigate the courts of O'ahu's First Circuit. Different courts in Hawai'i have different procedures, and your lawyer in Kaneohe should be familiar with the rules governing your local Kaneohe courts.
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