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A small town with a big history, Jonesboro is a quiet suburb near Atlanta in central Georgia. The seat of Clayton County, Jonesboro featured prominently in the novel Gone With the Wind. The town has always had a history of education, as from its very beginnings it was the home of an educational academy, a rare institution in pioneer towns of the early 1800’s. Jonesboro has maintained its quiet charm throughout its history, and today it remains an important fixture of the Georgian countryside.

Jonsboro GA Lawyers

 Jonesboro lawyers can help you with any legal issue you may be facing in Clayton County. Lawyers in Jonesboro can help you with criminal litigation, personal injury, real estate transactions, wills and trusts, and any other legal issues you may be facing. Jonesboro lawyers are currently on both sides of a lawsuit filed in Jonesboro. The lawsuit alleges that local builders failed to make adequate environmental impact studies before beginning the construction of new condos and hotels in the area. Construction has ceased pending the outcome of the suit.
This case and all other cases in and around Jonesboro are generally litigated in the Clayton County District Court, located in central Jonesboro. Experienced attorneys in Jonesboro are familiar with the rules and procedures of the district court, and also know the lay of the land in regards to local legal professionals, judges, and law enforcement. If you have a case in Jonesboro, consider using local experience to help you resolve it.
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