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Johns Creek is located in Fulton County Georgia and is one of America’s newest cities. Until December 1, 2006, Johns Creek was not a city nor a census designated place. Today, the city’s population is over 80,000 and is slowly acquiring its own police department, fire department and other city run departments.

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Lawyers in Johns Creek differ in their areas of practice. Areas of practice range between bankruptcy, criminal, divorce, family, personal injury, real estate, wills & trusts and other fields. Having an attorney for the field of law that is most applicable to your case is crucial to your case.
In July of 2009, a man was shot and killed by a police officer during an altercation in Johns Creek. Reports claim that the incident began when two neighbors got into a confrontation. Fearing trouble, one of the men got help from a neighbor who happened to be an off duty police officer. The officer responded as the Johns Creek police arrived. The deceased refused to drop his weapon and shots were fired resulting in the man’s eventual death. Cases such as this often give rise to internal affairs investigations, tort suits for potential wrongful death and potential debates.
Civil cases that arise on Johns Creek will be brought to different courts depending on the severity of the case. A tort suit that is less that $15,000 will be brought to the Fulton County Magistrate Court. A more serious case might make its way to way to Fulton County’s State Court. It is important for your attorney to be able to know what is required to take your case to a particular court and this would require an understanding of your geographical area.
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