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Alabama’s most populous county, Jefferson County is the home of Birmingham, Alabama’s largest city. There are over 3000 lawyers in Jefferson County. Jefferson County lawyers can help you with criminal law, personal injury litigation, real estate transactions, bankruptcy filing, and many other important legal issues.  Attorneys in Jefferson County also regularly receive client referrals from Huntsville lawyers.

Jefferson County AL Lawyers

Jefferson County attorneys have had to defend Jefferson County in numerous court cases brought since the 1990’s. An environmental cleanup mandated by the EPA led to a massive overhaul of Jefferson County’s sewer system in 1995. Bond money for the project was allegedly awarded to several inexperienced and unqualified firms, leading to corruption charges against some Jefferson County officials. The bonds themselves were also improperly handled and de-valued, leading to more charges against Jefferson County officials from the Federal Security and Exchange Commission. Some of these cases are currently ongoing.
Jefferson County is unique in Alabama in that it contains two county courthouses. Comprising the 10th Judicial District of Alabama, these two courthouses are divided into criminal, civil, family, and probate divisions. Your attorney should be familiar with these different courts and their respective rules and procedures.
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