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The original town of Jamaica, New York grew around King’s Road, a major thoroughfare in colonial times. For most of the revolutionary war, New York and Jamaica were occupied by British troops until their defeat at Yorktown.  As the area famously claims, in 1790 George Washington spent the night in Jamaica at William Warner’s Tavern.
Jamaica has changed significantly since its colonial days. Now it part of the largest city in the United States, Jamaica is the county seat of Queens County. It is home to approximately 90,000 residents and over 2,200 lawyers.
Attorneys in Jamaica can help you with any legal issue. Jamaica lawyers practice in immigration law , criminal defense law, personal injury law, landlord tenant law, and many others. Attorneys in Queens recently filed a lawsuit against a local Catholic Priest for $25 million. The lawsuit alleges that the priest—now a hospital chaplain—used the confessional booth to start an illicit affair with a parishioner who was going through a divorce. When the relationship ended, the lawsuit commenced.
Whatever your case may be, a local Jamaica lawyer will be an asset to you if your case is in Queens. Jamaica attorneys generally practice in the Queens County Supreme Court, the Queens County New York Municipal Court, or the New York City Civil Court, all located in Queens. A competent and experienced Jamaica lawyer will be familiar with the rules and procedures specific to these courts, which can make all the difference in trying to satisfactorily resolve your case.
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