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About Imperial County, California

Imperial County is California’s most Southeastern county, bordering Arizona and Nevada. The desert-like geography of the county has served as the backdrop for many Hollywood films—scenes from Star Wars were filmed in Imperial Valley dunes, while Top Gun and Independence Day both feature scenes filmed at the El Centro Naval Air Station. The county seat is El Centro, and the region provides access to major cities nearby like San Diego and Chula Vista.

In the News: Recently in Imperial County, the domestic partner of deceased accounting clerk Michael Barber filed a lawsuit against Palomar Community College and other parties. The lawsuit involved an alleged breach of contract and various business violations. Donald Clark, Barber’s life partner, maintains that Barber had two policies totaling $130,000, which the accused refused to pay out upon his death from lung cancer. Clark and his legal team are seeking punitive and economic damages as well as court costs.

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Lawyers in Imperial County are able to consult on many different issues since they are familiar with both county and state courts. Imperial County lawyers are capable of handling a wide selection of cases—some typical examples include taxation, bankruptcy, immigration, personal injury, criminal defense, products liability, and more.

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