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Learn More About Huntington, NY


The birthplace of Walt Whitman, Huntington is one of America’s oldest cities. Huntington’s excellent harbor and proximity to New York has made it an excellent city to call home for generations.
Huntington Lawyers can help you with any legal issue you may be facing, including criminal defense, personal injury litigation, bankruptcy, family law, and many others.
Attorneys in Huntington were busy in recent years defending their county’s name in a trademark lawsuit. Neighboring Nassau County sued the Suffolk-Nassau County Chamber of Commerce, charging that its name was too similar to Nassau County’s Chamber of Commerce. Huntington relented and changed its name to avoid confusion.
Cases such as this generally begin in the 10th Judicial District of New York. Your Huntington attorney should be familiar with the rules and procedures of this court, Suffolk County, and Huntington.
If you need an attorney in Huntington, visit to learn more about how you can be matched to the perfect attorney for your case in Huntington, for free. Alternatively, explore the following websites to learn more about the laws of Huntington and New York:


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