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Are you in need of legal representation? According to the Houston Bar Association, there are over 12,000 Attorneys in Houston metro area. Trying to figure out which lawyer is the perfect fit for you and your legal issue can be a daunting task. That’s why we created – a free attorney-client matching service. If you provide us with the details of your case, our professional, pre-screened lawyers will have an opportunity to review your case and then contact you with their opinions on how you should proceed.

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Hiring the wrong Houston Attorney can be an expensive mistake. Don’t let this happen to you! Legal malpractice can be just as damaging as other types of malpractice, such as what the Houston accounting firm of Arthur Andersen did for Enron in 2001. Recently, a prominent Houston law firm was required to repay up to $1 million in legal fees for unnecessary trust litigation. In another case, a Houston solo practitioner was stuck with a 6 figure malpractice lawsuit for missing a crucial filing date in a personal injury matter.

Most Houston legal documents will need to be filed in the Harris County courthouse. The exact court location varies depending on whether your case involves civil law, family law, probate, criminal law, or juvenile legal matters.

Not ready to engage with a lawyer but do you need help with a legal question? If your matter is simple, you may not be looking to hire a Houston lawyer. has plenty of resources available to you right at your fingertips. You may be looking for legal advice from non-lawyers, which can be found in our consumer-lawyer forum at Legal Forums. Our Law Library also hosts over 3000 articles that might be able to help you and your situation.

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