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Learn More About Horry County, SC

About Horry County, South Carolina

Horry County is a county with the state of South Carolina and is the 5th largest county within the state. Horry County is included in the Myrtle Beach Metropolitan Area. One unique thing about Horry County is that they have their own police force which provides 24-hour service. It is the only county police department is the entire State of South Carolina.

Learn About the Legal System in Horry County, South Carolina

The State of South Carolina is divided into sixteen judicial circuits. Each circuit has at least one resident circuit judge. The Circuit Court is the state’s court of general jurisdiction that hears most of the cases.

Most civil claims are heard in the Horry County Circuit Court in Conway. Circuit courts in South Carolina accept tort, contract, real property, civil, and criminal cases. They retain exclusive jurisdiction over felony cases as well as criminal and civil appeals. For domestic relations cases like divorce and child custody matters or juvenile cases, including juvenile traffic violations, you will have to go to the Horry County Family Court.

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