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Learn More About Hinds County, MS


Hinds County plays host to 250,000 Mississippians and 869 square miles of breath taking Mississippi landscape. Jackson and Raymond serve as the seats of Hinds County which benefit from the major intersection of interstate highways.
A number of Hinds County citizens are reputable lawyers who are familiar with local courts. Lawyers in Hinds County admit a broad assortment of cases including chapter 7 bankruptcy, probate, divorce, and criminal cases like DUI and DWI.
Recently, Hinds County was cited by Mississippi Department of Corrections inspectors for allowing inmates at the Hinds County Correctional Facility to exchange good time for jobs outside the prison. Sheriff Malcolm McMillin, who is in charge of the facility, routinely allowed women from the detention facility to work at jobs like the jail switchboard, American Red Cross, and Stewpot Community Services but has since terminated the program. In Mississippi all inmates working off of correctional facility sites must first be approved by the state board.
If you have pending criminal charges in Hinds County, you’re likely to find yourself at a Hinds County Chancery Court, Hinds County Court, or in some instances like an appeals case you may be summoned by the Hinds County Circuit Court. The chancery and county courts will likely be the location at which you file a lawsuit, divorce, tort, contract, real property, or probate case among others. The Mississippi court system can be perplexing if you are not familiar with it, consequently it’s best to consult a local Hinds County lawyer.
LegalMatch is the most comprehensive way to match-up with Hinds County lawyers. By reviewing prices, availability, and past clients’ reviews, you can be sure you are hiring a bar certified Hinds County lawyer. Before you begin, check out our tips on choosing the best lawyer for your particular legal issue.
For more information on Hinds County lawyers and courts, please see the links below:
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·        Hinds County, Mississippi
·        Hinds County Chancery Court Clerk, Mississippi


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