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Hillsborough, NJ was originally owned by the Lenapi Indian Tribe, with European settlers arriving in the 1700s. Hillsborough township was created by a Royal Charter in 1771 and was formally incorporated by the New Jersey legislature in 1798. In 2007, Money Magazine ranked Hillsborough as the 23rd best place to live in the U.S. This suburban community of 38,600 enjoys such attractions as the Raritan Valley Symphony Band and the Amerman Mill.
There are also a large number of Hillsborough lawyers who make this community their home. Hillsborough lawyers are experienced in handling legal matters involving real estate, personal injury, crime, employment, wills trust and estates, as well as any other you may encounter.
Lawyers in Hillsborough recently filed suit on behalf of Mayor Anthony Ferrera against another local attorney. According to the lawsuit, Ferrera retained Kevin Geary as counsel during the closing of his home in 1998. Ferrera claims that Geary told him the state Green Acres program would never assert its claims on a conservation easement on his property; however the program did assert its authority. The Mayor argues the changes caused the property to substantially lose its value. The lawsuit is ongoing.
Cases in New Jersey may be filed in a number of different courts. Attorneys in Hillsborough typically argue a case in the Hillsborough Township Municipal Court, the Somerset/Hunterdon/Warren Vicinage, the Appellate Division of the Superior Court, and the Supreme Court of New Jersey. Every court is unique, and a local Hillsborough attorney can help guide you through the New Jersey court system. can help you to find a pre-screened and bar certified Hillsborough lawyer. Our website contains tips on picking the right attorney and information on various legal topics of interest. Our service allows you to locate and review the experience and availability of pre-screened Hillsborough lawyers. You will also have the opportunity to present your case confidentially to Hillsborough lawyers to receive a response within 24 hours.
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