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Hilliard is a Franklin County city that is home to 25,000 residents. Hilliard was founded in 1854 and has annually held festivals like the Old Hilliard Street Art Festival and Fourth of July Parade. Hilliard is known for having great youth sports teams and is a popular location for Columbus professionals to settle.

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As a suburb of Ohio’s State Capital, Hilliard plays host to some outstanding local lawyers who are familiar with taking many different kinds of cases. Lawyers in Hilliard are familiar with consulting clients on personal injury, chapter 7 bankruptcy, child custody, immigration visa, and criminal cases like felony and theft charges.

Recently, Hilliard resident Ericka Ryan was arrested on serious heroin related drug trafficking charges. Conspiracy to distribute, aiding and abetting drug trafficking, using a telephone to facilitate drug trafficking, and an enhancement for an excess of 100 grams of heroin were all listed as charges Ryan will have to face. The Hilliard native faces a minimum of 5 years but as many as 40 years if given a full sentence.

Ohio courts have varying jurisdictions and require that you file with each correctly. For example, if you want to file a divorce or probate issue then you would have to go to the Franklin County Court of Common Pleas which is solely responsible for hearing domestic relations, probate, mental health, juvenile, and civil cases with no limit. If you want to file bankruptcy in Hilliard, visit the U.S. District Court for Southern Ohio.

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