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Learn More About Highland Park, IL

Highland Park is a North Shore city in Moraine Township, Illinois. As a Lake County city, Highland Park is a well known affluent Chicago suburb that was home to Elisha Gray during the time he invented the variable resistance telephone (although it’s widely accredited to Alexander Graham Bell). Many Chicago Bulls like Michael Jordan and Toni Kukoc call Highland Park home.
Highland Park is also home to some well known and very talented Lake County lawyers who know local circuit court procedures. Lawyers in Highland Park are familiar with taking a diverse set of cases like DUI/DWI, divorce, bankruptcy, personal injury, and immigration cases among others.
Recently in Highland Park, police arrested Cornelius Weaver on one count of burglary and criminal trespassing after the Combined DNA Index System linked him to the scene. Weaver has been convicted of burglary once before and is suspected in several other Chicagoland break-ins. He faces possible prison time if convicted.
If you have a case to file in Highland Park then you will be heading to the Lake County 19th Judicial Circuit Court which retains mandatory jurisdiction over family, criminal, civil, juvenile, probate, and real property case that arise in the area. The U.S. Immigration Court in Chicago will handle any Immigration issues that you may face.
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