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Hartford County, CT was first settled in 1635 by sixty pioneers from Massachusetts and later became Connecticut's first established county in 1665. Covering 736 square miles, today Hartford County's population is approximately 877,000. Hartford County is the location of the state's capital Hartford, one of the oldest cities in the U.S. The county is home to the Wadsworth Atheneum (the oldest public art museum in the U.S.), Bushnell Park (the oldest public park in the U.S.), and Hartford Courant (the oldest continuously published newspaper in the U.S.).

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Numerous Hartford County lawyers have chosen to work in this region. Hartford County lawyers have the skills and background necessary to successfully handle business, employment, immigration, real estate, wills trust and estates, and any other legal matter that you may face.
Attorneys in Hartford County are involved in both sides of a dispute involving a local insurance firm. Plaintiffs in the class action lawsuit claim that The Hartford Financial Services Group fraudulently kept millions of dollars of settlement money from structured settlements that should have been dispersed to accident victims. The lawsuit further claims the company provided no indication that it would keep up to 15 percent of the value of such settlements for fees, taxes, and profit. The lawsuit is ongoing.
The Connecticut judicial system is structured as probate courts, superior courts, appellate courts, and a Supreme Court. Lawyers in Hartford County may argue a case in the Hartford Probate District, the Hartford Judicial District Superior Court, the Connecticut Appellate Court, or the Connecticut Supreme Court. A Hartford County lawyer can provide guidance on which court is right for your case and help you understand any special rules associated with the courts.
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