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Harrison has a population of 25,000 Westchester County residents, which include a number of White Plains lawyers, whose municipally rules with a consolidated town-village government structure. Harrison was foremost the world headquarters for Texaco but after merging with Chevron the building was sold to Morgan Stanley. Harrison is named for John Harrison who was allegedly given 24 hours to ride his horse around an area that he would own.
Harrison is home to many knowledgeable lawyers who are familiar with taking many different kinds of cases. Lawyers in Harrison are well acquainted with local courts and regularly take bankruptcy, divorce, medical malpractice, immigration visa, and criminal cases like felony and DUI charges.
Recently near Harrison, state police arrested Harrison Hardy for the allegedly robbing of a delivery person. Hardy was booked on first degree robbery charges and is being held on $40,000 bail or an $80,000 bond. Hardy allegedly robbed a man delivering food at gunpoint ordering him to handover both the food and his money.
If you have a divorce to file in Harrison then you will be heading to the Westchester County Supreme Court. New York Supreme Courts have exclusive jurisdiction over divorces but also handle criminal issues including felony charges, civil, real property, tort, contract, and probate cases among others. If you have an immigration issue in Harrison, you will be visiting the U.S. Immigration Court in New York.
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