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Harrison is located in the middle of the State of Michigan, near the junction of US 127 and M-61. Many visitors enjoy Budd Lake which supports houseboats and a wide variety of summer activities like boating and swimming. Harrison was founded as a logging town and named for President William Henry Harrison. The City of Harrison is the seat of Clare County.

Harrison MI Lawyers

Since Harrison is the seat of Clare County you shouldn’t be surprised to find out that it is home to many talented lawyers. Lawyers in Harrison are familiar with taking a wide selection of cases like bankruptcy, divorce, medical malpractice, DUI, and immigration visa cases.
Recently in Harrison, Andrew Mullin was arrested after a Clare County strip club reported a rash of fake $20 bills. Mullin was arrested at his Vassar home by U.S. Marshals who confiscated over $2,500 more in counterfeits. Federal law dictates that counterfeiting carries a sentence of 15 years for offenders in excess of $5,000.
If you have a personal injury case in Harrison then you will be heading to the Clare County Circuit Court. Circuit courts have exclusive jurisdiction over domestic relations, administrative agency appeals, and juvenile cases but also handle criminal, civil, probate, and real property cases in Michigan. Bankruptcy cases are handled by the U.S. District Courts.
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