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Harrisburg is the capital of Pennsylvania, and the tenth-biggest city in the state, with about 49,000 residents.  Harrisburg is located on the Susquehanna River’s east bank, and serves as the seat of Dauphin County.  Harrisburg has long been an important transportation hub, as all major air, railroad, and highways connect to the area. 

Harrisburg faced tough economic times in the 1970s and 1980s, but a citywide rejuvenation effort, headed by the Mayor’s Office of Economic Development, has helped turn this situation around.  Today, Harrisburg boasts a diversified economy powered by the healthcare services and technology industries, as well as the governmental sector.  Major corporations, including Tyco, IBM, Hershey Foods, and Rite Aid Corp., have a large presence in Harrisburg, and business growth is expected to continue. 

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Recently, the Department of Environmental Protection approved Pennsylvania American Water Company’s plan to add the disinfectant chloramine to the West Shore drinking water supply.  A town hall meeting was held in response to public safety concerns about chloramines; yet, at that gathering, Public Utility Commission Administrative Law Judge  Marlane Chestnut declined to hear testimony concerning the adverse health effects of adding chloramines to the water, asserting that opponents should contact the Department of Environmental Protection instead.  Pennsylvania American claims that chloramine has been proven safe over a sufficient period of time, and it must be added to the water supply in order to comply with federal standards.  Until Judge Chestnut considers attorneys’ briefs and issues a final decision, Pennsylvania American will not add chloramines to the water.

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