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Learn More About Hamilton

Hamilton, New Jersey is a township in Mercer County and earned the rank of 18th safest city by Morgan Quitno Press. Hamilton also boasts great attractions like Sayen Park Botanical Garden, a 35 acre sculpture park with over 230 sculptures named the Grounds for Sculpture, and Veterans Park which includes one of the largest man made lakes.

Hamilton is also home to many lawyers who take cases such as: medical malpractice, bankruptcy, child support, civil lawsuits, and wrongful termination cases. Lawyers in Hamilton are able to take any type of case and are very knowledgeable of local court procedures.
Megan’s Law, named for a Hamilton girl who was murdered by a sex offender, could be taken to the next level. After the city of Cranford attempted to effectively outlaw sex offenders from living within city limits, a Superior Court judge ruled the ordinance was a violation of constitutional rights. However, a similar statewide law named the Jessica Lunsford Act is still under consideration by the New Jersey State Legislature. The law expands upon Megan’s Law to disallow sex offenders to live or loiter within 2,500 feet of child protection zones which include: schools, parks, daycare facilities, bus stops, and playgrounds.
If you are looking to file for divorce in Hamilton, you’ll probably want to visit the Mercer Vicinage in Trenton which incorporates many different divisions. If you are looking to file a lawsuit, you would file with the civil division and if you have pending criminal charges, you will likely be summoned by the criminal division. It’s important to file with the correct division and hiring one of LegalMatch’s Hamilton lawyers will give you peace of mind that you are using your time and money efficiently.
LegalMatch pairs you with the best Hamilton lawyers available. By entering a brief synopsis of your legal predicament, Hamilton lawyers are able to review your case and quote prices. You will be able to check reviews from past clients, availability schedules, and prices before your name is released and before you select a lawyer. All LegalMatch lawyers are guaranteed to be New Jersey State Bar certified.
For more information on Hamilton lawyers and courts, please see the links below:
  • New Jersey Courthouses
  • Hamilton Township, New Jersey
  • Mercer County Departments


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