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Greenville is the seat of Hunt County and named for Thomas J. Green who was a general in the Texas Army during the war against Mexico. Greenville was founded in 1846 and today is a very diverse community as reflected in the numerous ethnic restaurants.

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Greenville also hosts a number of lawyers who know the local courts well. Lawyers in Greenville take a variety of cases like divorce, juvenile, bankruptcy, real estate, and criminal cases like DUI.

Recently in Greenville, Bo Bailey Harris was convicted of murdering William Ian Adams after issuing a written confession. The jury deliberated for only 30 minutes on the case. The next step will be sentencing in which Harris will face anywhere from 5 to 99 years in prison.

If you have pending legal charges in Greenville then you will likely be heading to the Hunt County District Court. Texas Circuit Courts take tort, contract, real property with no limit, probate, domestic relations, felony, juvenile, and exclusively administrative agency appeals.

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