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Greenville County is the most populous county in South Carolina and is a great place to live, work and play. With great neighborhoods that promote social interactions through street fairs and events, Greenville County is very family friendly. On the weekends, many Greenville County residents love to explore the many parks and waterfalls in the area.

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If you are involved in a legal battle in Greenville County, you should probably consult with one of the many Greenville County lawyers in the area. These attorneys are experienced in areas of law such as tax, divorce, bankruptcy, personal injury, automobile accidents, contracts, commercial, landlord/tenant, DUI, and many more.

A woman renting an apartment in Greenville County recently sued her landlord, accusing him of entering her apartment without notice and using her computer to access pornography and find prostitutes. The woman first detected something was wrong when she returned home and her landlord informed her that he entered her apartment to fix a leak even though the woman never reported a leak. The Greenville County woman then found pornography on her computer. She hired a private investigator to install spyware on her computer and set up a secret camera in her apartment. The lawsuit, filed in Greenville County court, asserts that the woman has evidence that shows the landlord entering the apartment and using the computer.

If you need to file a lawsuit in Greenville County, you will probably have to visit the Greenville County court. This court is a court of general jurisdiction, meaning it has the authority to hear all types of cases, ranging from civil to criminal. A local Greenville County lawyer can make sure all of your legal documents are filed appropriately at this court.

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