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Greenville likes to be judged by the quality of its citizens and what they do, and who can blame the city. From establishing one of the largest carpet plants in the United States, to producing arguably the best and most humble puppeteer the world has ever seen, Jim Henson, the people in Greenville truly gave their town a name. In addition, Greenville offers visitors many recreational activities, from fishing and hunting, to gaming on the floating casinos.

If you have found yourself in legal troubles in Greenville, there are quite a few Greenville lawyers ready to help you. These attorneys are experienced in areas of law such as tax, bankruptcy, divorce, real estate, insurance, contract, employment discrimination, gaming, personal injury, and many more.

A Mississippi inmate recently had his suit against the State reinstated by a federal appeals judge, and the case will be heard in US District Court in Greenville. The original suit alleged that the prisoner was denied products like baby oil, hair grease, and other similar personal hygiene materials, and that the inmate was being exposed to second hand smoke even though he was confined in a no-smoking sector of the prison. Originally, the Greenville court threw out the lawsuit, but the appellate court ordered the Greenville court to reconsider only the second hand smoke issue. The inmate is currently serving a life sentence for a homicide conviction in 1998.

If you have a case that arose in Greenville, there are a few courts that your case might go through. Greenville is served by both the US District Court for the District of Northern Mississippi, as well as the Washington County Court. The local attorneys in Greenville know both of these courts well and it would be to your advantage to hire such a lawyer for your case.

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