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Grand Rapids is located on Michigan’s west coast, and sits on the edge of the Grand River.  Grand Rapids is also close to Lake Michigan, the fifth largest lake in the world and the largest lake entirely contained in one country.  About 198,000 people live in Grand Rapids, which is the second largest city in Michigan and the county seat of Kent County.  Michigan’s capital, Lansing, is only about 60 miles from Grand Rapids. 

Grand Rapids’ economy grew up around the auto and furniture industries, and Grand Rapids remains the home of several prominent furniture manufacturing companies, including Herman Miller and American Seating.  In more recent years, the health sciences and hospital industries have grown considerably in Grand Rapids, particularly around the Michigan Avenue medical corridor. 
Grand Rapids lawyersGainey Corp. is large trucking company based in Grand Rapids, and is owned by a well-known philanthropist in West Michigan, Harvey Gaines.  Gainey Corp. was recently granted a temporary reprieve by Kent County Circuit Court Judge Donald Johnston, who decided to wait for Gainey to file its answer to Wachovia Corp.’s suit before appointing a receiver to liquidate Gainey’s assets.  Wachovia sued Gainey when the company stopped making payments on a $238 million loan.  Johnston’s delay in appointing a receiver may cause Wachovia to lose millions in accrued interest and depreciation of its collateral. 

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