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Goose Creek is a city with just under 30,000 residents in the state of South Carolina. The city of Goose Creek was established in 1961; the name Goose Creek has applied to the area since colonial times. Citizens of Goose Creek frequent nearby Charleston to the East and many residents work there too, including several well-known Charleston lawyers.

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A number of Goose Creek residents are lawyers who are familiar with local courts. Lawyers in Goose Creek litigate many different kinds of cases like bankruptcy, medical malpractice, divorce, green card immigration, and criminal issues such as DUI cases.

Recently, Goose Creek Police arrested two teens in connection with the armed robbery of the Dollar General Store in town. St. Elmore Mack and Timothy Alan Lemon will both be tried as adults for the crime. Goose Creek officials also believe that Mack and Lemon may be connected to the Ocean Isle Restaurant armed robberies in the same shopping center.

If you have pending criminal charges in Goose Creek then you will probably be summoned to the criminal division of the Berkeley County Circuit Court or the Charleston County Circuit Court depending on what county in which you’ve been charged. South Carolina Circuit Courts take many different kinds of cases but are solely responsible for hearing civil appeals, felony, and criminal appeals cases. Traffic tickets, ordinance violations, and some preliminary misdemeanor hearings are heard at the Goose Creek Municipal Court. Divorces, child custody, child support, and other family matters are under the jurisdiction of the Charleston County Family Court.

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