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Located on the banks of the Connecticut River, the town of Glastonbury was settled in 1693. Today, the town still help operates the oldest continuously operating ferry in the United States. Glastonbury is a very family friendly town and holds the Glastonbury Chamber of Commerce's Apple Harvest Festival every October. This town wide event includes rides and attractions, and of course, apples.

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If you need legal help in Glastonbury, there are many experienced Glastonbury lawyers who are ready and available to assist you. These attorneys are skilled in areas of law such as personal injury, contracts, business, divorce, child custody, automobile accidents, insurance, DUI, criminal defense, and many more.
A Glastonbury man is currently suing his former employer, Bank of American, alleging that the company engaged in racial discrimination and unlawful termination when it first moved him to a branch of the bank in Hartford and then terminated his employment. The Glastonbury man had been employed as a high ranking official of the bank in New York City before he was transferred to the Connecticut branch to maintain good relations with the Connecticut State Government. After his transfer, he found out that the man he was replacing was also African American, and the flags went up in the man’s head. The lawsuit alleges that he was transferred to the bank because his race would help relations with the Connecticut State Government, and that he was subsequently unlawfully terminated.
If you have a lawsuit that you need to file that arose in Glastonbury, you will probably have to send your court papers to the Hartford Superior Court. However, filing your lawsuit can take a lot of time and effort to find all the necessary information and gather it into a logical order that makes sense to a judge and jury. Why not let a local attorney help you out? is here to match you up with a great local Glastonbury lawyer who can assist you with your lawsuit. Once you visit our site, you can simply enter some background information about your situation and local legal professionals will respond to you. While you are there, you can also check out our LegalCenter where you can read about popular legal issues. 
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